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Occlusal plates - General

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I am studying dentistry and I would really appreciate you taking the time to answer those few questions.
  1. Which steps are required to build occlusal plates ?
  2. Which material do I need to make them?
  3. For which reason exactly do we use these occlusal plates?

Respuesta / Answer

To build occlusal plates you must:
  1. Take final impressions of the partially or completely edentulous ridge or ridges. I prefer to use a rubber base material for these final impressions.
  2. Use the impressions to pour dental stone models of the arches to be restored with removable prosthetics.
  3. Trim the models after proper setting has occured.
  4. Occlusal plates (rims) are most stable and record the most accurate bite registration if constructed of an acrylic base plate with pink base plate wax used to make occlusal rims, which will be shaped to duplicate the desired occlusal plane, location of the incisal edge of the anterior teeth, midline, and location of the teeth over the edentulous ridge. This plane will be duplicated by the lab technician in the lab when the denture teeth are arranged for try-in by the Dentist.

A good textbook describing laboratory procedures for fabricating removable partial or complete dentures should offer many pictures and detailed explanations of the correct procedures for making occlusal plates or rims.

Dr. Chip Faul

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