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Nightguard in a 16 year old teen - General


I am 16 year old. My dentist said to me that I grinding my teeth at night and make to me Nightguard. Can I wear it? I am still growing.

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Yes, you can wear it. You have only the problem that you are growing, and it's very important that your dentist may control your mouthguard, and adjust it or change it if it's necesary.

Dr. Alberto Gomez Millaruelo

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Althought you are growing you can use a Nightguard , it protect your teeth and relax the muscles, sometimes also the dentist suggest to make a relaxion exercise that help the patient to sleep better.
Nightguard is made usually of PVC o acrlic resin and the dentist makes adjusts frecuently to relax TMJ and muscles.
Any patients can GRINDING your teeth at night because they have intestinal parasit, I suggest you too, check it.

Dr. Javier Ibáñez Brambila

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