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US citizen that studied in Mexico - Legal



I am an orthodontist. I am a United States Citizen and studied to be a DDS and MS in Mexico.  What I would like to know is if by any chance there could be a way that I could practice in the U.S.A. with the degrees I have. If not what can I do to do so.  Thank you in advance.



There are some states that will recognize your education as satisfying the requirements for taking the individual state dental exam. California and a few others do. My suggestion is to write to the state capitol of whatever staten you wish to relocate to, and request information on their exam requirements. If the state you wish to relocate to doesn't have a reciprocal agreement with Mexico (NAFTA may have helped here), then your only alternative is to take a years residency program at a University such as Florida or UCLA prior to being able to take the dental exam. There is no national exam in the U.S.

Dr. William Wegman

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